Important Announcement About The Future of the PTSA

As the current school year draws to a close, it's time to decide what to do with the A&T Campus PTA (and this Facebook page by the way). PTA can and has done much good for the students at the A&T campus. The list of support it has given over its history is far too extensive to mention here. What will happen to the PTA moving forward? With no one willing assume a leadership position (all PTAs require at least a President, Secretary and Treasurer), and with membership continuing to decline (25 member minimum each year not met for the second year running), the future of the A&T Campus PTA is seriously in doubt. And that's a shame. We have a truly unique PTA in that very little fundraising has to be done. The PTA is able to generate enough revenue to cover it's expenses and then some. Anything above and beyond is simply a help to our students and our campus (available funds have gone completely unused this year).
But only if people want to get involved. My time with PTA is over. I've done this for 6 years and it's just not my fight anymore. People with skin in the game need to pony up. I have no intention of tossing anyone into the deep end of the pool with no idea of how to swim; I'll help out any transition anyway I can. But people need to step up and take over. This isn't the first plea I have made for people to step forward, but it will be the last. It's your school, it's your choice. I can say maintaining a PTA is MUCH less work that trying to start a new one. But again, someone needs to be willing to take the reins.