What do you think of when you hear PTA? Moms working a book fair? End of year carnivals complete with cotton candy and a bouncy house?  Overbearing “Parents To Avoid” that can’t let go of their kids so they hang out at the school all day? Maybe back in elementary school,

But this is not elementary PTA anymore. We are still VERY relevant!

While it’s still PTA, and exists under the umbrella of the State and National PTA, high school PTAs are very different from their primary school counterparts. They have to be. The issues and concerns of high school students and high school parents are very different than those dealing with elementary school.  The challenge of the High School PTA is to constantly adapt to serve the needs of the students, parents, teachers and community.

Arts and Tech High School PTSA has decided to focus on maximizing the benefits we can provide to students and parents. 

Benefits for Students

· Volunteer Hours:  PTA is a volunteer organization. Helping at PTA events and attending PTA meetings can count toward required volunteer hours.

· Leadership Skills:  PTA offers training on Board procedures, official ways to hold meetings, and organizing         fundraising.

· Scholarship Opportunities:  Community involvement looks great on a college or scholarship application. And A&T PTSA offers it’s own scholarships.


Benefits for Parents

· Inside information:  The only people who  know more about what is going on in the school and district are the employees. Most teens probably won’t remember to tell you what they were told during their school day.  The PTSA strives to maintain an up to date web page and Facebook page to provide parents with the most up to date happenings in our school.

 · Training:  As a PTA member, you are entitled to all training provided by our local unit, council, and    State PTA.
 · State Benefits:   Click here to see the State PTA Benefits
 · National Benefits:  Click here to see the National PTA Benefits
So whether you are a student, parent, relative, community member, teacher.... or anyone interested in the welfare of Arts and Tech High School Students, contact the A&T PTSA Today!!  Find out what you might be missing out on.
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